Fighting the Kaiser’s War: The Saxons In Flanders 1914-1918 by Andrew Lucas and Jürgen Schmieschek

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Review by Colonel Joe Robinson (author of the Handbook of Imperial Germany, Great War Dawning and The Last Great Cavalry Charge): "expecting a rather focused look at mid war Saxony in Flanders, I was seriously impressed by the robustness of the study. This is a book that any fan of world war one should possess. I really felt there were three books and at the end I wanted another in the series… there really should be a series if indeed the authors can resource it. Initially there is a mindnumbing set of details about Saxon actions broken down by unit and year. While this might seem like mundane research, suddenly the style of the authors and publisher comes to the front. This is the best picture collection I have seen in a book. The publisher and authors interspersed the pictures and maps throughout the text along with insets telling side stories. The affect was incredibly good. The pictures are clear, well annotated and not the normal "repeated pictures". While the story is book 1, it is the collection of pictures that put you on your feet. Rare, well explained, and integrated into the text. This is not the standard picture section that my books have been relegated to. This is real time expansion of your understanding. These pictures no doubt took a lifetime to collect and I am very pleased to have read it. Just when you thought this was well worth the money you come along to chapter 9. OMG The series of individual histories of soldiers and officers during the war. This is complete with pictures and letters from the soldier. This long chapter could not have been assembled without a serious collection of diaries and papers. All translated nicely into English and a real treasure trove that makes his third book worth the price of admission alone. You will not regret this one at all."