Since the publication of Fighting the Kaiser's War we have inevitably discovered some errors. We were also frequently obliged to write more concisely than we would have liked due to pressure of space.

This list of addenda and corrigenda will be updated irregularly as and when we feel the need to correct or expand on points in the book.

p.16 (photo caption) I have since discovered assessments of my Great-Grandfather Arno Bierast's suitability for promotion among the personnel paperwork of Feldartillerie-Regiment 48 (at the Saxon archives in Dresden). As a Kriegsfreiwilliger (war volunteer) from an educated background who had already been promoted to Gefreiter (lance-corporal) before he joined 3. Battr. / FAR 48 in the field on 12th October 1914, Arno appears early in 1915 in a list of volunteers considered suitable for later promotion to Unteroffizier (corporal). However when he appears again on 10th June in a list of volunteers under assessment as potential officer or NCO candidates, he is now judged 'not suitable for promotion'. No further mention of him could be identified in the time I had with the documents. My previous belief that he reached higher rank was based on misinterpretation of a photo of him from summer 1916 where he appears to wear the larger NCO's rank button on his collar.

p.21 (photo caption) The gentleman to the Crown Prince's right among the assembled officers of IR 104 ca. May 1918 is not in fact his father (as I believed for many years, falsely associating the photo with H.M. the King's visit to the regiment on 7th May). It is in fact Major Karl Facius (commander of II Batl. / IR 104), who bore a striking resemblance to H.M. A captioned version of the picture (below) appears in an appendix to the third volume of the regimental history of IR 104, one of the most lengthy and detailed works of its kind. Facius gets several mentions in For King and Kaiser within the chapters on Frelinghien and Ploegsteert Wood.

Maj. Karl Facius of IR 104 with his regimental commander Crown Prince Georg at Thiaucourt in May 1918

p.27 HRH Albrecht of W├╝rttemberg was a duke (Herzog) rather than an archduke (Erzherzog).

p.101 (upper photo caption) The depicted celebration of the Kaiser's birthday by RIR 241 on 27th January 1916 actually took place in Ingelmunster rather than in Iseg(h)em.

Andrew Lucas, last updated 23rd February 2020