Feature articles by our authors, including supplementary material for our books. As time allows, I intend to archive all of my weekly articles for Colonel Joe Robinson's excellent WW1 German history group in this section. There will also be occasional miscellaneous exclusive pieces here.

It will certainly take a while to convert the epic six-part series on my great-grandfather's war service into webpages, so for now you can read it at the following PUBLIC Facebook links (you DO NOT need a Facebook account to view these):

My Great-Grandfather’s War: Part 1 (pre-war and 1914-1915)
My Great-Grandfather’s War: Part 2 (La-Ville-aux-Bois in detail)
My Great-Grandfather’s War: Part 3 (Schloss Belval in detail)
My Great-Grandfather’s War: Part 4 (1916-1917)
My Great-Grandfather’s War: Part 5 (January to September 1918)
My Great-Grandfather’s War: Part 6 (the final battles and post-war)

Here's the rest of the (growing) backlog:

The Jägerheim and Jägerfriedhof - Resting Places of RJB 26, 1914-1915
A Saxon Cemetery on French Soil - the Soldatenfriedhof Quesnoy-sur-Deûle
Old, slow and devastating - Mörser-Batterie 201 and 202 in Flanders, 1915-1916
The Watch in the Saxon Mountains - Grenzschutztruppen of XII. and XIX. Armeekorps, 1914-1919
The 'Krug von Nidda-Heim' and 'Zum Fidelen Blindgänger' - rear area oases of the 24. Infanterie-Division
From occupied Belgium to Alsace and the Niemen - Landsturm-Infanterie-Bataillon Dresden XII.1 and XII.2
From Bautzen to the Białowieża Forest - Landsturm-Infanterie-Bataillon Bautzen XII.3 and Meissen XII.4
Middle-aged militiamen versus machine-guns - Landsturm-Infanterie-Bataillon Pirna XII.5 (and Freiberg XII.6)
From Wachstuchmütze to Stahlhelm: the Evolution of Landsturm-Infanterie-Bataillon Zittau XII.7

These lectures were written by Andrew Lucas to accompany the launch of Fighting the Kaiser's War at the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 on 25th-26th April 2015. Each lecture was intended to be delivered on the appropriate day as part of the living history display. Unfortunately due to scheduling problems they had to be shelved.

In Fighting the Kaiser’s War we only had limited space to outline the events of the 1914 Christmas Truce on the front of XIX. Armeekorps, the only Saxon corps to be facing the British at the time. In this article I attempt to pin down the locations all of the known accounts from this front, showing which British units faced which German ones and how the sources match up. I will continue to update it as fresh information comes to light!